The Agas Map

Hello, and welcome to the interactive map of Jacobean London
This map is a digital version of Civitas Londinium, commonly referred to as the Agas Map as a result of its dubious attribution to surveyor Ralph Agas. The Agas Map was first printed from woodblocks c.1561, however none of these copies survive, and so this is a copy of the modified 1633 version. You can find more detailed information about the map and the project in the About section.
Please take some time to explore the interactive features of this map.
  • The zoom control on the left hand side allows you to zoom in on particular areas of the map.
  • You can pan around by clicking and dragging your mouse, or using your keyboard arrow keys.
  • The tick-box menu on the right-hand side will highlight particular locations. The boxes for each of the plays will highlight all of the locations featured in that play.
  • Clicking on the markers will reveal the name of the attached location, and clicking on the name will take you to a page with more detailed information about that location.
  • For an expanded map view please click here. This is recommended for mobile users.