The Atlas of Early Printing

The Atlas of Early Printing is a fantastic digital mapping project created by Greg Prickman, Head of Special Collections and University Archives at the University of Iowa Libraries. The project uses Google Maps API and adds various layers to visually represent, for example, the spread of printing between 1450 and 1500 using layers and a timeline feature. The map, and particularly the timeline feature, represents the comparatively small cultural role that London played in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries in comparison to the other major cities of Europe. The ‘output by location’ layer is particularly good for demonstrating this, as the production of books between 1450 and 1500 by Venice is at least double that of London’s. In addition to the map this project provides useful information about fifteenth century printing and an informative video of a printing press.  The Atlas for Early Printing is a fantastic example of the potential contributions digital mapping can make to early modern studies.

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